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A selection of value-added services is provided to protect and save cost on your parcels before shipment, just remember to select them before finalising your parcels for payment.

Parcel Consolidation
•    The sum of the length, width and height of each parcel must be less than 100cm
•    The maximum combined parcel length shall not exceed 150 cm
•    The maximum combined sum of length, width and height shall not exceed 300cm
•    The total combined weight shall not exceed 30kg
•    Cost is calculated based on combined parcels’ new volumetric dimension
•    Additional handling fee is charged from the sixth parcel onwards

Parcel Strengthening
•    Reinforcement materials are used to further protect the parcel
•    Reinforcement materials such as bubble wraps, newspaper / foam pellets for buffering, sealing tape and the likes are used
•    The use of reinforcement materials will slightly increase the weight of the parcel

Parcel Volume Reduction
•    HiClicks can assist to reduce your parcel’s original dimension

Shoe Box Removal
•    HiClicks can assist to remove a footwear’s box to save you cost and weight
•    The shoe box will be discarded

Film Sheet Protection
•    A transparent file is used to wrap the parcels to prevent water damage


Pickup Services (Japan only)

Pickup Services are currently available in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. Now you do not need to carry a heavy luggage back home and pay exorbitant overweight luggage fees!
For more information on our pickup service, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance

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