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As a HiClicks’ member, you have exclusive overseas shipping addresses in USA, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. It is a simple 3 step process to get your parcels back to Malaysia.

1.    Start by purchasing your goods from online shopping portals in any of the four countries
2.    Ship it to your exclusive shipping address in the country
3.    Pay for the HiClicks freight charges and wait for your parcels to arrive

But HiClicks does more than just shipping, we provide other value-added services to protect your valuable parcels and to help you save cost at the same time. If there is a special need, you can contact our Customer Service for more assistance.

Shipping Process & Timeframe

Size Limitation
HiClicks accepts the largest parcel size of height, width and depth of 60 x 200 x 60 (centimeters). If your parcel exceeds this range you can contact Customer Service for other arrangements.

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