HiClicks has professional warehouse staff in Japan, Korea, USA and Taiwan to handle everyone's parcels.

We care about the quality and safety of the goods, so we offer a variety of processing services so that you can package your package according to your needs.

.Combined Packaging

When you buy several boxes of merchandise on various online malls, we offer a combined boxing service that allows you to put together items purchased on different websites to reduce the weight and thus reduce your shipping costs. Enjoy 14 days of free warehousing!

.Count Goods

You are worried that the quantity you bought will not be found after you have arrived in Malaysia. We can unpack the box for you when the goods are put into storage.

.Remove the outer box information

We can help you remove the information on the outer box for free, reduce the risk of being inspected by the customs, and remove the extra flyers in the box to save you more shipping costs.

.Strengthen packaging

If the item you purchased belongs to the fragile item EX: porcelain bowl, glass … etc., HiClicks has prepared bubble paper and packing tape so that your package will not produce more collisions during the delivery process. You can safely hand over the parcel to HiClicks.


If your carton is damaged when the package is in storage, we will prepare a good carton for you and repackage your merchandise to facilitate the smooth return of your parcel.


In addition, HiClicks has employees in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and USA to assist in handling your goods. When your goods arrive in Malaysia, if the outsourcing is damaged, we will also pay attention to you and notify you.
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